About me

Sean D. Wheeler Hi, I’m Sean Wheeler. I’m the lead documentarian for PowerShell at Microsoft. For over 25 years at Microsoft, I’ve delivered many workshops on scripting, debugging, and advanced troubleshooting. Using scripting, I created tools to help customers collect and analyze data used to troubleshoot and optimize their environments.

My interest in computers started in 1978 when I first learned to program in BASIC from a book without access to a computer. My first computer was the Netronics ELF II built from a kit. It had 256 bytes of RAM.

Elf 2 graphicsNetronics Elf 2 computer
source: oldcomputers.net

Later, I saved up my money and bought an Apple //e. This got me through my first two years of college. By then, the PC Clone market was starting to heat up and I bought a Turbo XT clone, the first of many PCs I would own. In college I studied Computer Science and worked as a system operator for the university’s VAX cluster. I loved the DCL scripting language in VMS. After graduation, I got into NetWare. That paid the bills for several years. In February of 1995, I hired by Microsoft to support Windows (WFW 3.11, LanMan 2.x, NT 3.1, & NT 3.5) for large corporate customers.

About this blog

Blog logo I started this blog to share my the things I have learned during the course of my career in IT. The logo and the name were meant to reflect the “IT” part of my career. Most of the content here is about PowerShell However, I will also write about other topics that interest me. So the the “IT” may just become “it”.

I hope you find it useful.

Any views and opinions presented on this blog are my own and don’t represent views or opinions of any of my employers - past, present or future. The information presented here is provided without warranty. Use at your own risk. Dry clean only. Use a cool iron. Don’t get it wet. Don’t feed it after midnight.

The articles on this blog are copyrighted by me and can’t be reproduced without my permission. The code samples are licensed under the MIT License and are free to use however you want.