Understanding the project guidelines

Ways to contribute

  • Opening issues (bug reports and feature requests)
  • Contributing code to fix bugs or add features
  • Contributing documentation
  • Reviewing pull requests
  • Testing releases
  • Commenting on issues and pull requests

Open source etiquette

Most open source projects have a published Code of Conduct and Contributor Guidelines. Practice the metaskills of communication and empathy.

  • Be kind and respectful
  • Find out how and where to ask questions
  • Add value, not noise
  • Be patient and timely

Follow the published style guides and use the same tools as outlined in the Contributor Guides. These style guides and tools are designed to produce consistent results. Following these rules builds trust with the project maintainers and other contributors.

Expectations and motivations

You should understand your own motivations for contributing to an open source project.

  • Are you looking for a job?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Do you want to help the community?
  • Do you want to improve your reputation?
  • Do you want to improve the project?

Understanding your motivations helps you set expectations and helps you find the right projects that align with your goals.