Other tips
  • Sync your profile scripts using a OneDrive folder or a GitHub repository.

    You can use symlinks to link the runtime location to source location.

    # Creating the symbolic link to the profile
    $newItemSplat = @{
        ItemType = 'SymbolicLink'
        Value = 'D:\Git\My-Repos\Presentations\SQLSaturday\2023-BatonRouge\profile.ps1'
        Path = $PROFILE.CurrentUserAllHosts
    New-Item @newItemSplat

    Don’t let OneDrive redirect your Documents folder on Windows. This causes problems with the command discovery and module loading.

  • Use the profile hierarchy to separate configuration items.

    Put the configurations that are most common in the $PROFILE.CurrentUserAllHosts profile or higher. Put configurations that are specific to a host in the $PROFILE.CurrentUserCurrentHost profile.

  • Move utility functions out of your profile and into a module.

    They can be loaded on demand, no need to include in profile.