Supporting Update-Help

To support Update-Help you must create MAML-based help files for your module. Creating the XML content is difficult because there are no tools to help you author the content. You must create the XML by hand.

The PowerShell SDK documentation contains detailed information about the MAML schema and the requirements of an XML help file. For more information, see How to create the cmdlet help file.

Hosting updateable help content

Once you have created the MAML-based content for your module, you must create a downloadable help package and metadata file. These files must be hosted on a web server that supports the HTTP protocol.

Help content for a module can consist of multiple files. The files must be packaged in a compressed archive in CAB or ZIP format. You must also create a HelpInfo XML file that contains metadata about the downloadable help content. The names of the archive and HelpInfo XML files have specific requirements. The help system support help content in any language. You must create a separate archive file for each language that you support. The HelpInfo XML lists the languages available for download.

For your module to support updateable help, you must set HelpInfoUri property of the module manifest (.psd1). The value of this property is the URL to the web folder containing the HelpInfo XML file.