Step 3 - Created the output parsers
  1. Crescendo doesn’t make this part any easier, but it does allow you to focus on parsing the output
  2. I started with the parsing functions because I was more comfortable writing PowerShell than JSON
  3. I captured the output of each subcommand into a text file that I could easily use as input to my parsing function
  4. Let’s step through an example for parsing the output from vssadmin list shadows
    • Here is the output of the native command
    • Notice how the labels and data are presented
  5. Set breakpoints on first line and Original Volume line
  6. Step through first line
    • Notice that I convert the string to a GUID object
  7. Remove break point and run until next breakpoint
    • See how the line is subdivided into multiple property values
  8. Remove all breakpoints and show the output as objects
  9. Switch to terminal and show the verbose output
    • Jim, what is I am having trouble? How can I see what native command is actually being run?